Persuasion Assessment

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Uncover distinct leadership styles with the Persuasion Assessment. The Persuasion Deck tells you where users derive their powers of persuasion and what types of followers they naturally attract. Seek out best-fit leaders and be wary of aggressive, devouring influencers. With the Persuasion Deck, you can gauge individual styles of persuasion to ensure compatibility between leaders and supporters.

Persuasion Personality Types

Personality types are used to predict preferences, strengths and compatibility in different contexts.

  • Celebrity

    Popular and idealized, The Celebrity’s power is derived from the adoring masses. The Celebrity attracts those who are drawn to superstar status and who like to live vicariously through icons and heroes.

  • Charmer

    A people-person who connects deeply with others, the Charmer’s power is derived from the capacity for and strength of relationships. The Charmer is attuned to the emotional needs of others and can draw people in like flies to honey.

  • Closer

    Savvy and confident, the Closer’s power is derived from profound manipulative skill in negotiating with others, especially those who seek power and success, and are fearful of being left behind. The Closer works with people who have vision and are upwardly mobile and on the same path to prosperity and fortune.

  • Evangelist

    Charismatic and spiritual, the Evangelist’s power is derived from engendering hope and fear in the flock of followers. The Evangelist recruits and attracts those who are desperate and seeking direction, guidance or rescue.

  • Politician

    Ambitious and diplomatic, the Politician’s power is derived from institutional authority. Feeling free to follow the laws (or not) for personal advantage, the Politician is highly effective with law-abiding citizens who look to authorities for guidance.

  • Shark

    Biting and aggressive, The Shark’s power is derived from ruthlessness. Consuming and devouring anything or anyone who gets in the way, the Shark remains focused on the prey. Where there is a shark, there is danger.