Decks are the building blocks of an assessment. Each deck consists of a unique set of images that has been selected by our Psychology Team to measure specific types of personalities. We have a variety of decks available, and are continually developing new ones to be used in assessments.


This method allows you to list all of our active decks. The `id` in the response is required when creating assessments.

Resource Information

Resource URL
Authentication Required? Yes
Response Format JSON

Example Request

Authorization: Basic {your_public_key}:x

Example Response

200 OK

        "id": "career-deck",
        "name": "Careers",
        "description": "Personalize work-related sites and applications with Traitify's Careers Assessment. The Careers deck offers developers rich data points including personality blend, types, traits and matching. Built for users including students, job-seekers, teams, human resources and leadership, Careers data can be used to enrich experiences, drive engagement and build more productive teams and work spaces.",
        "personality_group": "Careers II",
        "slide_count": 56,
        "badges": [
                "image_small": "",
                "image_medium": "",
                "image_large": "",
                "font_color": "fff",
                "color_1": "ffa466",
                "color_2": "f79b5c",
                "color_3": "ea813b",
                "personality_type": "Action-Taker",
                "description": "'Action-Takers'...are hands-on doers.  They use manual and physical skills, working with technology or machinery to complete tasks.  Often there is an athletic aspect to their work.  They are handy, practical, systematic, applied, and 'down-to-earth.'  They are drawn to jobs that involve a specific skill-set and a concrete task.  They excel at solitary, goal-oriented work and 'getting the job done.'"