Personality Types

Traitify has delineated major personality types as they relate to various areas of life, including work, play, and love. These personality types are grounded in psychodynamic principles, and behavioral psychological theories.

When a group of traits form a cluster, a type results. Personality types are the broad, differentiated category results being measured by a particular assessment. Types are reflected in an individual's preferences, coping style, patterns of behavior and relationship style. For example, the "Visionary" personality type in our Careers assessment tends to be thrill-seeking in his or her choice of work activities, and will likely show higher levels on traits such as high-energy, daring, enthusiastic, and aggressive.

Example Response

"personality_types": [
  "personality_type": {
    "id": "55071620-bca6-4f15-b466-de8733a834a8",
    "name": "Visionary",
    "description": "'Visionaries'...are pioneers.  They are great convincers and like to work with others in a 'take charge' capacity.  They love to take risks, make changes and set trends.  They tend to be   ambitious and energetic.  Visionaries are often in positions of prominence in business and the public eye and excel at taking charge and gaining the confidence of others.",
    "badge": {
      "image_small": "",
      "image_medium": "",
      "image_large": "",
      "font_color": "",
      "color_1": "b857e5",
      "color_2": "",
      "color_3": ""
    "keywords": "leading, managing, selling, trend-setting, persuading, competing, moving forward, extroversion",
    "details": [

Reference Guide

See below our reference guide for all data fields returned for "Personality Types."

name name of personality type
description general description of personality type
short_desc short description of personality type
keywords group of words that define each personality type
environments best places to work at ex. Careers Deck
famous_people famous people that match each personality type
badge visual element for each personality type

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Personality Type: Visionary