API Versioning

We version our API through the URL of the API calls. For most of our client libraries, you can specify the version you would like to integrate with. We're currently on v1 of our API, so v1 is the default and only option right now.

We're constantly looking for ways to improve our API and intend to push out improvements as needed. Improvements that can be made without breaking existing functionality will be released without a version update. This includes new functionality or minor changes to existing functionality (e.g. the addition of new fields, optional query parameters and changes in field length).

If we create new functionality and there is no way to ensure backwards compatibility, a new version of the API will be released along with Traitify-created client libraries. The next version will be v2, then v3 and so on. We will maintain previous versions for up to 1 year before requiring clients to migrate to the latest version.