Personality Traits

Beyond the overarching personality types, Traitify drills deeper, using our unique image based assessment technology to precisely measure trait-based aspects of personality.

Constellated uniquely in every individual, traits are the underlying ingredients or building blocks of every personality. All individuals have dominant personality traits that are observed in a specific context. Thus, the context of the assessment is very important. For example, an individual may be very driven and aggressive in his or her professional life but feel very inhibited and shy in romantic pursuits.

Example Response

"personality_traits": [
    "personality_trait": {
      "name": "Prefers Working With Others",
      "definition": "comfortable and productive when working with others",
      "score": 76.2712,

Reference Guide

trait name of personality trait
definition short definition for each personality trait
score score result for each personality trait

Render your Traits with our Visual Widgets

Our Trait Widgets are a simple and beautiful way to display individual personality traits. Each trait features a unique title and brief description, with the corresponding personality type presented subtly in the background. The colored top bar serves a double purpose of providing additional context with the associated personality type, as well as to visually represent the strength of that specific trait within a user.

  • Personality Trait: Naturalist
  • Personality Trait: Planner
  • Personality Trait: Visionary