Introvert / Extrovert Assessment

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The Introversion/Extroversion Deck measures social style, and a user’s proclivity to be an introvert or an extrovert. This is a key feature of understanding the needs and preferences of user’s and is an important element of personality. This information can be combined with other personality data in order to drill down into an important element of understanding personality.

Introvert / Extrovert Personality Types

Personality types are used to predict preferences, strengths and compatibility in different contexts.

  • Extrovert

    Extroverts rejuvenate, recharge and replenish themselves through social interactions. They enjoy other people and group activities which they find exciting, stimulating and energizing. As long as others are involved, extroverts are ready to participate, often on the spur of the moment, and they are loathe leave the momentum created by the group. To the extrovert, silence feels empty, and solitary activities may seem lonely and tedious. The extrovert’s strength is his ability to navigate the world of people, in work and play.

  • Introvert

    Introverts enjoy their time alone to rejuvenate, recharge and refresh their inner equilibrium. Rather than looking outside of themselves to others, for stimulation and excitement, introverts look inside themselves, choosing solitary activities as a counterbalance to their social lives. To the introvert, the sound of quiet feels peaceful and soothing. Introverts enjoy the company of others, often preferring intimate gatherings to large groups. The strength of the introvert is knowing their limits, and finding a balance between solitary and social.