Movies Assessment

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The Movie Deck measures elements of an individual’s personality with a fun spin towards movie preference. There are seven distinct types of movie personalities, each capturing elements of the user, including his/her preferences and interests. The personality information derived from this assessment can be used for the purpose of entertainment recommendations as well as a general understanding of the user’s personality.

Movies Personality Types

Personality types are used to predict preferences, strengths and compatibility in different contexts.

  • Believer

    Believers are ready for an escape into another world. Or time. Or dimension. Luckily, Fantasy and Science Fiction movies are chock-full of all of these options! With imaginative and light-hearted spirits, they are ready to devote themselves to a fantastical story and totally let go of the harsh realities of today's world. Believers should grab a magic wand, hop onto a spacecraft or drop into a wormhole--their movies are waiting for them!

  • Dramatic

    Dramatics are natural people watchers and people who enjoys realistic situations for entertainment. They like to empathize and relate with the characters they're watching, which also makes them great friends in their day to day lives. Dramatics should call someone special in to them and make a plan to check out the latest plot-driven drama feature. They could make a night of it! Nothing is a better follow-up to a movie than some pie and great conversation!

  • Indie

    Independent filmmaking is alive and well thanks to outside the box thinkers like these movie-goers! Indies appreciate getting the chance to see the full artistic vision of the director without major studios being involved and leaving meaningful scenes on the cutting room floor. Being the artistic type, it intrigues Indies to see what people can do using a 'more with less' approach to their filming. There are countless movies of this caliber available. Indies can swing by their local theaters, support the independent film industry, and experience art in motion!

  • Laughaholic

    Laughaholics want their entertainment and want it now! "Surely, you can't be serious?" they might say. Well, they are serious, and don't call them Shirley. It appears that they're in the mood to laugh and see something relatively easy and fun. Now it's just a matter of deciding what kind of comedy they want to see. Laughaholics should try one of these suggestions, then call everyone for an awesome LOL experience!

  • Nail Biter

    Nail Biters are in need of a cinematic thriller tonight--something only demons, zombies, axe-murderers, psychos, beasts, blood, guts, and terror can offer! A horror movie will be perfect for tonight and is one of the most enjoyable theatre experiences. When it's a packed house, these movie-goers and everyone in the audience scream, gasp, and laugh as one. Time for Nail Biters to make plans to see the latest thriller and get scared out of their seats!

  • Romantic

    Romantics have whimsical minds and a full hearts. Cinema regularly touches on relationships, love, and loss because it's something all can relate to and pulls on the Romantics' heartstrings the hardest. Every now and then, these movie-goers need to be reminded of how it feels to act with their hearts. Even if for those who believe they aren't saps, there's a hopeless romantic in all of them that dreams of a dance in the moonlight with their soulmate. Whether it be a "You had me at hello" or a "Here's lookin' at you, kid," Romantics are in the mood for love, and it's out there waiting for them.

  • Stunt Double

    Oh, Stunt Doubles are ready for an adrenaline rush! It's time for them to catch an action-packed, explosive, big-budget film to satisfy their high energy! With the resurgence of superhero movies and fantasy epics, there's never a shortage of great battles, heroes, villains, amazing sets, and unbelievable, fast-paced storylines. Stunt Doubles should assemble their teams and get fired up to see the hottest action film going!