Core Assessment

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The Core Assessment measures overall elements of an individual’s personality, assessing a full range of characterological components in order to gain an overall picture of a person. The personality information derived from this assessment can be used to gain a general understanding of the user’s personality, or to match individual’s with other people.

Core Personality Types

Personality types are used to predict preferences, strengths and compatibility in different contexts.

  • Adventurous

    Adventurous types are high-energy, independent and physical people. From traversing the natural and business worlds to physical challenges, “action-oriented” captures their boundless energy to tackle the next mountain. Determined and competitive, they are goal-oriented and don’t shy away from ambitious plans. They feel rejuvenated and recharged after challenging themselves with a thrilling and often daring goal. They value autonomy and are known for their passion for their pursuits.

  • Charismatic

    Charismatic types are born social leaders, full of energy and charisma. Filled with natural exuberance and always ready with an animated story, their energy is contagious and they tend to draw an audience. They are often night owls and the life of the party. In fact, they feel rejuvenated and recharged when socializing, so the bigger the crowd, the better. Driven by sharing their energy and enthusiasm with others, Charismatics are prime candidates for leadership roles in their chosen professions.

  • Mellow

    Mellow types are free spirits, who march to the beat of their own drummer. These casual types value taking a slower pace through life. Not bound by custom or convention, they could care less about popular trends and fads and, instead, feel free to creatively approach all they do. Others are drawn to their uniqueness, free spirit and artistic nature. Those who are Mellow enjoy spending time with others, yet recharge when alone and engrossed in a creative project. With their slower, laid back approach to life, they are driven by creativity and their desire not be constrained by any social standard.

  • Rational

    Rational types are thought-driven and interested in the world. They are lifelong students intrigued by ideas, from work to books to world events. They look beyond the surface for deeper meaning and do not take anything at face value. Always up for a hearty and heady debate, they enjoy time with others one on one or in small groups. Rational types are natural problem solvers, especially when they can analyze all the information, and they are deliberate, thinking before they act. Serious and reserved in nature, they feel rejuvenated after quiet time spent alone, perhaps reading or contemplating a problem and researching a solution. They are driven by their intellect.

  • Reliable

    Reliable types are fundamentally consistent and dependable in nature. They are always on time, organized and efficient, and pay close attention to detail. They enjoy spending time with others and are happy to help keep things organized, but they prefer someone else take the lead. Reliable types are content to follow a plan and follow the rules. Others notice how “together” they are and often seek their helping solving problems, especially drawing on their talent for working with words and numbers. They feel recharged when life goes according to plan, and their routine is in tact. They have high standards for themselves, and meet them.

  • Social

    Social types are well-rounded, practical people. They approach everyday life without unnecessary drama, and seem unburdened by a full and busy schedule. From tailgating to dinner parties, they are comfortable with others, and admired for their gregarious nature. They are consistent, friendly and down to earth, no matter what the situation. Social types work hard to avoid the disruption of conflict with others and recharge after a busy, uncomplicated day spent with friends. They love to follow popular trends and fads and desire to enjoy life, without complicating it.

  • Thoughtful

    Thoughtful types are compassionate, self aware and reflective people. Natural helpers, they enjoy being around others and get a sense of satisfaction from lending a hand, in their personal and professional lives. They are sensitive to their own needs and the needs of others. Team players by nature, they often prefer one-on-one encounters to socializing in a big crowd. They recharge with meaningful conversation with close confidants and have a special talent for nurturing and sustaining relationships.